Redhead Day Day UK 2014 saw the very first Music of Ginger Origin awards, with the winners in each category announced on the day. The awards were so popular we had to bring them back for 2015 and give the huge amount of red haired talent a chance to be recognised. We wanted to shine the light on new and up and coming talent so we’ve also introduce a brand new category added to the mix – Best Up & Coming!

The polls will open on Sunday the 16th of August, so you have till then to nominate the red haired artist you want to see in each category. In the interests of recognising new red haired musical talent we have made the decision to also make it so that musician’s cannot be included in the nominations if they have won in a previous year. Let’s be honest, Ed Sheeran has enough awards without winning a MOGO every year!

The categories are

  • Best Ginger Male Musician
  • Best Ginger Female Musician
  • Best Ginger “by Choice” Musician
  • Best Up & Coming Ginger Musician (NEW)

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