Redhead Day UK 2014 saw the first MOGO (music of ginger origin) awards, with votes being collected from the public for over 2 months amounting to over 1800 votes. Categories include Best ginger male musician, Best ginger female musician, Best Honorary ‘redhead by choice’ musician and Best song with lyrics about red hair. The winners were announced at Redhead Day UK today, June 7th, at The Printworks in Manchester as part of proceedings.


And the winners are:best ginger female

Best ginger male musician

Ed Sheeran

Being ginger can seem like a bad thing when you are young but as a musician it has been my saving grace – because if you see a ginger kid on TV and there is only one messy-haired ginger kid who plays guitar, it is very easy to find them on YouTube.’

Daily Mail

Best ginger female musician

Kate Nash

Thank you so much for my mogo award, I’m very proud of my ginger roots. The fire on our heads matches the fire in our hearts, we are a passionate, stubborn & wild breed & I shall be celebrating winning this award by visiting the orangutan’s at the LA zoo. Thanks to my Irish ancestors & mum & dad for making me.

Kate Nash on receiving the MOGO award for best ginger female musician

Best Honorary ‘redhead by choice’ musician

Florence Welch

I’m a lifer now – I’ve tried going back to brown, but I don’t recognize myself.

Florence Welch in an interview in Marie Claire

Best song with lyrics about red hair

Please don’t take him just because you can
Your beauty is beyond compare
With flaming locks of auburn hair
With ivory skin and eyes of emerald green

Each won a glass MOGO award with an engraved plaque and a place in the Ginger Hall of Fame.

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